This is Anette's page. I'm "guilty" of this familyproject - to create a homepage and the only reason is that it's so fun.
The subject I used in "The project" at the webdesignclass was my life and hobbies. Be welcome to look in to my schoolwork and specially the "projekt".

What more about me? Born in Älmhult in South Sweden 1959, moved to Njurunda 800 km north from Älmhult 1966, return 400 km to Köping 1972. Moved again 1975 to Askersund and ended up in Hallsberg 1984.
Stig and I married in 1988 and got the boys in 1995. Louise arrived 1999.
Since the children arrived there is a litte time for hobbies like genealogical reaserch, sewing clothes  and writing letters.
I have three friends outside Sweden (England, America and France) and it's because of them I've done some pages in english. To write letters is so fun but the time doesn't always alowe me to answer as quick as I wish.

The spring 2006 I did the  webdesign at Komvux (Communality school for audults). By this button you'll find the work I did there. The schoolwork will remain the same as it was the last time I published it at school, wednesday may 10th and no more changes will be made.
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