Spring in Hallsberg - The photos are taken 3-4 may 2006. The spring is late, no leafs on the trees yet and grey clouds are hanging in the skye. Some of the photos are shot at 6.00 am the 4th of may and it was a lovely light.

Summer in Hallsberg - These photos where taken the 1st of July 2006. It was a lovely summerday. The sun was shining from a sky with very few cloudes and it was very hot.

Autumn in Hallsberg -took severel days to photo. Started 15th of october and took the last one 24th of october 2006. I did'nt got the photos I wanted because it was to dark in the morning and also to dark in the afternoon. Ofcourse it was raining too.

Winter in Hallsberg - a few photos taken the 21st of january 2007. I missed the few beautiful winterdays so we take this photos so far.

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