In memory of our beloved Stig H we have made this page. He will always remain in our hearts.
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Stig liked MUSIC a lot and he bought records now and then, but he played them very selldom when I was home. We didn't agree about on what volume music should be played and couldn't Stig play loud he didn't play his records at all.Stig liked to have the radio on and the last years he used to listen to channels with popular music. He loved his guitars and very often in the evenings he hold the guitar in his hands while he watched tv.
To read books wasn't any of Stig's favourites except books about the pleasure in life like whiskey, beer, Porsches, Ferraries, Rolling Stones and other special books.
What he did read was comics and he prefered Beetle Bailey which he had on subscription for many years. In the Beetle Bailey magazine in Sweden we also have Hagar the wiking. Stig also read about the cowboy Lucky Luke.
Stig liked to cook but not ordinary food. He liked to make stew and to try new dishes. He tested to make different kind of pickled herring to easter, midsummer and christmas. Stig also liked to do his own snaps and sometimes it stood glass jars in the kitchen window containing alcohol, oranges and cinnamon. The first time Stig invited me to his home he served me cheese, bisquits and red italian wine (Villa Antinori). The first time he made me a dinner he served Nasi Goreng and after that grilled bananas! To christmas he used to do a very strong mustard and very strong devil eggs that our relatives appriciated a lot.
Some photos of Stig you'll find here: <Photos> (but only swedish text)
For us important dates from Stig and Anette's life together:
February 8th 1954 - Stig is borned
November 13th 1959 - Anette is borned
November 13th 1972 - Stig starts to work at Volvo BM
June 11th 1979 - Anette starts to work at Volvo BM
In the middle of June 1979 - Anette and Stig meets in the tool store at Volvo BM
October 11th 1980 - Stig invites Anette to his home for the first time and he served chees, biscuits and red wine
September 1st 1986 - Stig moves to Anette
May 1988 - buys our first brand new car, a black Volvo 740
May 21st 1988 - get engaged and change the rings at the home of our friends, Lena & Mats
September 17th 1988 - get married in the country church in Hallsberg
Autumn 1993 went through the investigation to find  out why we didn't get any child
April 1994 makes the first try with IVF and in September the same year, one try with frozen eggs, at Carlanderska clinic in Göteborg
Februari 8th 1995 - makes the second try with IVF, this time at the hospital in Falun
Oktober 14th 1995 - at 02.34 and 03.44 Alexander and Rickard are borned at the hospital in Örebro
September 1998 makes the third IVF, once again in Falun
June 11th 1999 - at 15.48 Louise is borned at the hospital in Örebro
August 14th 2006 - Stig is operated for the cancer
February 16th 2007 - Stig is operated for pain in the belly and the metastases is found
February 19th 2007 - we got the sad message
Maj 27th 2007 - Stig leaves us and this world and goes on to the next world
The type of cancer that Stig got in his throat - adenocarcinom - depends on longtime with gastric acid coming up in the throat. The tumor made metastases that was in the abdomen and on the intestines. This is a male kind of cancer and it's a very low living rate because the throat is so stretchable so the tumor is very big before it makes any trouble.
After the operation in August 2006 we made this THANK YOU under Stigs menypage.
Monday the 19th of Februari 2007 at 15.00 o'clock we got the sadest message of all, there wasn't anything more to do. Stig asked the doctor "how long time do I have left" and the answer was "whatever we say, it will be wrong". The 13th of March Stig came home to be nursed the last time in his home by Hallsbergs homesick care and me, his wife. Stig got so many visits, phonecalls, letters, messages, regards, presents and flowers. The consideration that our nearest, friends, workingfriends and all others showed Stig and his family was hughes. The last two weeks Stig was to tired to see anyone else but the closest family. Sunday the 27th of May at 08.27 Stig ended his life, in his own bed, calm and peacefull. The ad
The funeral was Friday the 15th of June in the church in Hallsberg. Vicar Ingemar Frenskar conduct the funeral and it was very nice and full of feelings. It came 78 guests and 72 of these guest and the vicar joined the family for the coffe and memory after. Once again we closest felt and understood how appriciated Stig had been as a friend and working friend. There was so much flowers and many donations had been sent to cancer foundations. The thank ad Photos
The sepulchral urn was lowered in his grave, Monday the 13th of August at the graveyard at the country church in Hallsberg. Only the nearest family was present. Photos  Anette read with cry in the throat a little poem before we carried the urn out to the grave.
The gravestone was ready friday the 19th of october. The stone is designed from Anette and the childrens wishes by Thord Messelt, Stoneart in Åsbro. Picture
Once again, a big big  thank you and a lot of hugs to everyone that supported us during the difficult time.