The text below is as Stig wanted it to be. I have choosen to remain it as it was.

This is my page, Stig H Nilsson. I'm born the year 1954 in Säffle and are grown up in Åmål. Went to school grade 1-7 in Åmål. 1968 we moved to Hallsberg as my dad who worked at the railroad as an enginedriver, had to choose between Hallsberg, Göteborg och Kiruna. Went to school grade 8 and 9 at Östra Skolan in Hallsberg. Started the gymnasium but dropped out after one year.

The 13th of november 1972 I got employeed at Volvo BM and are still there even if the company today have another name. Have been working with assembling, qualitycontroll, as a supervisor and today I work with support in quality for the production.

My hobby is music. I played golf before we got the children but waiting for more time the golfequipment are stored away.
I like cars - like to watch different tv-programs about cars, watch the Formel 1 competitions and goes to the Stockholms Bilsalong (a big trade fair).
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